Driving Growth and Adoption at the World's Largest Dedicated IT Training Company

Using the full range of digital advertising channels to deliver faster growth at lower cost.

Driving Growth and Adoption at the World's Largest Dedicated IT Training Company


Performance Marketing


Google, YouTube and Pardot

Project Overview

Global Knowledge, the world's largest dedicated IT training company, enables companies across the global to train and skill up their employees to help them deliver the best outcomes possible. In looking to accelerate their growth and sales, they sought a partner to optimize their existing campaigns and bring them into new digital advertising channels that are cost effective at generate qualified sales leads.


Bringing an integrated digital marketing solution to the table, the campaigns leveraged both technical and creative expertise to fuel growth. Execution activities included:

  • Landing page creation and optimization in the Pardot marketing automation system.
  • Campaign creative and messaging development.
  • Campaign strategy, deployment and optimization in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn and YouTube.


As a result of the integrated digital advertising campaign:

  • Paid revenue increased 14%
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) improved 31%
  • Overall media costs decreased 13%
  • Average conversion rate increased 53%

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