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We have a simple mission.

To deliver transformational marketing that accelerates revenue growth. To do this we have developed our first product, an all-in-one digital marketing platform that blends hands-on services and advanced tools to help brands grow faster at reduced costs with increased speed-to-market.

Serial entrepreneur Jake Finkelstein founded 10cubed in Durham, NC, building it on the foundation of his 25 years of brand and performance marketing experience. Before starting 10cubed, Jake founded and led Method Savvy, an integrated marketing consultancy that serviced ambitious middle-market and enterprise companies.

10cubed has assembled a diverse team of marketing and technology experts who are passionate about helping businesses achieve success. With a relentless focus on innovation, 10cubed continues to expand its library of technologies and resources to ensure that marketers have access to the tools and data needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive and complex digital marketing landscape.

Our values

Leading the way

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Get At It

We don't let moss grow under our feet. Be proactive and stay proactive.

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Above Nothing

Do the hard work required to achieve the goal. Always go the extra mile.

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Always Take Care of Each Other

We are one team working together to achieve a shared purpose.

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Automate The Boring Stuff

If a machine can do it, let it. Automation frees us to be creative and strategic.

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Do Good for Profit

Making money and creating a positive impact in the world are not opposing goals.

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